Manual on Antepartum Fetal Surveillance: Fetus—Our Second Patient

by Malhotra Jaideep, Malhotra Narendra, Bora Neharika Malhotra, Bora Rishabh

Fetal surveillance has undergone several changes over the last decade. Implementing surveillance methods is essential for optimizing outcome. This book provide the essentials in a clear manner which is easily readable and as desktop manual which can be referred to when needed and refreshes the mind of the reader about the subject. The primary purpose of antepartum fetal surveillance has been to avoid fetal death and neonatal morbidity due to fetal hypoxemia and acidosis. There is no ideal antepartum fetal surveillance test for high-risk fetus. It is the obstetrician’s duty to determine the pathophysiology of the high risk condition and then apply specific testing. Specific testing is very essential for antenatal surveillance to pick up early fetal distress and to manage and deliver accordingly. Primary goal of fetal surveillance is a healthy newborn with a healthy mother. There are many methods by which we can keep a good surveillance on the fetus. It is important for all of us to understand these methods and these are discussed here in this book.


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