Handbook of Infertility & Ultrasound for Practicing Gynecologists

by Nagori Chaitanya
9789351528562The Handbook of Infertility and Ultrasound for Practicing Gynecologists depicts common topics to help a practicing gynecologist for infertility treatment and ultrasound with easy to understand explanations. Some of the major topics of discussion include counseling of an infertile couple, hormonal assessment of an infertile couple, clomiphene citrate, semen preparation, intrauterine insemination, medical management of male infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, ultrasound in gynecology, and screening for chromosomal anomalies. Attractive and interesting literature regarding reproductive physiology, causes of infertility and outline of management should be placed in the waiting room, which should be easily accessible to them. Initial counseling and the time spent with them plays a very vital role in management of the patient. Various modes of rendering can be selected singularly or combined to optimize the visualization of soft tissues, bony structures or vessels, particularly through 3D and 4D ultrasound, US in obstetrics and gynecology.


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