Zuckerman Parker Handbook of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics for Primary Care

Marilyn Augustyn, Barry Zuckerman

This substantially updated edition is clear and concise, packed with precisely written summaries of developmental and behavioral issues for all pediatric clinicians and other healthcare professionals. In a succinct, heavily bulleted style, the authors offer practical guidance on addressing important questions many parents ask about their children’s development and behavior. Ideal for the busy clinician to quickly and efficiently access helpful clinical information on the fly.

New chapters on behavioral health integration, social emotional screening, and gender and sexual identification, growth mindset
New high-profile contributors who bring expertise from their practices
Ideal for primary care clinicians but also helpful for all level clinicians who are new to pediatrics
Covers a range of critical issues, from common behaviors such as biting and toilet training to exposure to violence and child abuse, as well as strategies to prevent problems
Features an extensive bibliography for professionals and parents

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