Dermatologic Nursing Essentials : A Core Curriculum

Dr. Noreen Nicol

Whether you are seeking dermatology nursing certification or a solid grounding in clinical care and best practices for the skin, Dermatologic Nursing Essentials: A Core Curriculum, 3rd Edition , is your must-have resource.

This official publication of the Dermatology Nurses’ Association offers all the core essentials, from anatomy and physiology to effective treatment of a full range of skin disorders. For the essential science, knowledge, skills, and nursing principles of dermatology and allergy/immunology skin care, look no further than this definitive state-of-the-art guide.

This one-of-a-kind resource provides a comprehensive foundation in dermatologic nursing with…

NEW patient- and family-centered care highlighting patient education
Vital practice principles and care instructions in easy-to-read outline format to support real-world patient care scenarios
Essential practice and review material for the dermatology nursing certification exam
On-the-spot clinical guidance to accurately evaluate and manage the full range of skin disorders, including infections, inflammations, wound healing, acne, eczemas, benign neoplasms, stings and infestations, and more, as well as psychosocial issues
Chapter features include:

Chapter Overview summarizing content and providing relevant nursing principles
Objectives for learning
Key Points outline content
Patient Education boxes offering guidance for teaching patient self-care
Treatment section – current, effective therapies for each condition

Nearly 400 color photos and numerous tables
Excellent reference for all nursing and allied health members caring for patients with skin care needs or disorders


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