Glucose Sensor Use in Children and Adolescents : A Practical Guide

Valentino Cherubini, Daniela Elleri, Stefano Zucchini

This practical book focuses on the use of glucose sensors in children with type 1 diabetes. It is an evidence-based, simple, illustrated tool written by expert physicians in the field, experienced with patients living in Italy and in the UK.

The introductory chapters offer a quick and well-documented update on technology use in the child with diabetes, while the chapter on clinical studies provides a comprehensive overview of the scientific basis and benefits on glucose sensor use. The practical use of sensors in all age groups, including toddlers, and any related psychological issues are also discussed.

This volume allows health care professionals, pediatric trainees and medical students caring for children with type 1 diabetes to increase their understanding of sensor use, making this technology easier and more reliable to use.


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