Endometriosis in Adolescents : A Comprehensive Guide to Diagnosis and Management

Ceana H. Nezhat


Adolescent endometriosis is a previously overlooked disease in children, the true prevalence of which is still unknown but has been estimated between 19-73%. There are numerous initial challenges faced by adolescents suffering from delayed or undiagnosed endometriosis apart from experiencing chronic pain, such as: school/work absenteeism, false diagnoses/treatments, erroneous physician referrals, unnecessary radiological studies, radiation exposure, and emergency room visits as well as early exposure to narcotic pain medications and subsequent drug tolerance, resistance or even addiction.
This text presents a clear history of physician and patient understanding and awareness of endometriosis in adolescents. It lays the groundwork for this condition with background information on endometriosis in general followed by a more focused look at endometriosis in adolescents. Leading experts in the field provide chapters on the different locations where endometriotic lesions can present in adolescents as well as identified risk factors and concomitant diseases of which it is important to be aware. In addition to the clinical presentation, this book also provides information on breaking down existing barriers, such as stigma, and current activism and awareness of this condition.
Adolescent Endometriosis is a first-of-its-kind text that focuses exclusively on endometriosis in the adolescent population. Written by experts in the field, this book is a comprehensive resource for clinicians in all medical disciplines that treat adolescent age girls.


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