Disability as Diversity : A Case Studies Companion Guide

Leslie Neal-Boylan, Lisa M. Meeks

Administrators in medical, nursing and health science programs are witnessing a substantial increase in the number of students with disabilities entering their programs. Concurrently, the benefits of diversity in healthcare are becoming increasingly apparent and important. A commitment to disability inclusion for qualified students should be a high-level goal of nursing, medical, and other health science programs. To support this goal, leaders in these areas must develop robust programs and an understanding of the needs of qualified students with disabilities in the health sciences and accompanying best practices for inclusion. This book of case studies is the perfect companion to Meeks’ and Neal-Boylan’s recently-published book Disability as Diversity. It contains ten cases related to medicine and nursing but with significant relevance to other health professions. Each case is preceded by an introduction with instructions on how to use it. The cases are followed by discussion questions and perspectives from the student, faculty and disability resource professional viewpoints. The cases are then deconstructed with reference to the book Disability as Diversity, relevant citations from the literature and case law. Developed by some of the most notable researchers and clinicians in the field this case book serves as truly invaluable resource for deans, program directors, faculty and student affairs personnel. Offices can use these cases as a platform for critical discussion and training about disability processes, policies and decision-making regarding accommodations and inclusion.


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