Manual of Endometriosis

Manual of EndometriosisBy

  • Kanthi Bansal MD DGO FICOG

The book is drafted in a way to make it very interesting at the same time giving complete details in the topics to cover the subject in total. Almost all the topics related to endometriosis are covered from evolution, structure to function, diagnosis, endometrioma, infertility, adolescent endometriosis, recurrence, adenomyoma, scar endometriosis, rectovaginal endometriosis, coping with endometriosis to future thoughts.

  • This Manual deals with the various clinical, preventive and research aspects of the condition.
  • Answers a number of important questions related to the enigmatic condition that endometriosis.
  • Coves all the important topics from origins of endometriosis to the therapies. 
  • Topics covered include modern management of endometriosis, endometriosis and infertility, surgery in endometriosis, pain management in endometriosis, surgical management of endometriosis, management of endometrioma, rectovaginal endometrioma, recurrent endometriosis.


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