Nursing Management of Women’s Health : A Guide for Nurse Specialists and Practitioners

Debra Holloway

This book covers all the gynecological areas where nurses undertake a key role in managing and leading the care of women. With the constant evolving role of nurses, many of them have been at the forefront of changing practice and breaking through boundaries in areas traditionally carried on by medics. This volume guides those nurses in enhancing their role and moving the practice forward. Paramount within this care is the desire to ensure that women are treated by the right person with the right skills and with dignity to manage intimate and personal issues that have a great effect on quality of life. This book offers best practice guidelines and references to underpin practice and practical tips and hints. It examines many aspects of women’s health, from menstrual dysfunction and bleeding, specific adolescent issues, fertility and infertilty, to early pregnancy problems, management of pregnancy’s termination, urogynecological issues, ambulatory and outpatient procedures and menopause.
This volume provides readers with a guide to care for women from the nurse specialist expertise. Many different subspecialties exist in gynecology, and nurses have to take the lead in caring for women, especially for those looked after within the outpatient setting. In addition to the nursing management of these women, some nurses undertake procedures as hysteroscopy and move the care of these women from surgery to an ambulatory setting. This work is written by and dedicated to specialist and practitioners nurses.


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